All four Baron bands on the lineup at Smashfest!


Smashfest is back for a fourth year and we are stoked that all four Baron bands feature on this mammoth lineup!

Australian Kingswood Factory is headlining this birthday bash for Smasher, and along with The Balls, DevilMonkey and Sordid Ordeal, the Baron family will be in fine company with the likes of Strawberry Fistcake, Nightmare (QLD),¬†Wolfpack, Muscle Car, Stoned to Death, Admiral Ackbar’s Dishonourable Discharge, Slugbucket, Yard Duty, Bastard North, Violent Demise, The Sarah Eida Trio, Mr Stitcher, Snowflake and Ferocious Chode.

We hope the Spotted Mallard knows what it has let itself in for…!

  • Venue: Spotted Mallard, Brunswick
  • Date: 11th August
  • Time: 3pm-midnight
  • Tickets: free entry
  • Event listing¬†here