Udder Ubductees


It’s a night like any other, all is quiet across the farm. Suddenly, the earth starts to shake. You notice an eerie green glow from the Barn… out of the glow lurch the Udder Ubductees! They stumble across the lawn towards you, bovine puns pouring from their mouths thick and fast like the fires of hell itself! You can’t run, you try to scream but nothing comes out… it’s your very worst cheese dreams come to life… with matching hats!

Udder Ubductees constantly continue their Intergalactic Assault on your puny planet with fast riffs and faster mouths. They boast an eclectic genre of ‘Ultra-Pasturized Party Punk’ – basically what you get if you put The Vandals, Mach Pelican and The Cramps in a blender and set it to VAPORIZE!

Partying over the years with the likes of Nekromantix, Supersuckers, Nerfherder and Guitar Wolf (to name but a few), the Udder Ubductees show no signs of slowing down! But what good is it if WE tell you this?! Get your ass to a show and check out the party!




Apocalypse Cow, PT. II from Got Milk (2017)



Udder Ubductees sign to Baron von Weasel Music

Holy cow! We are THRILLED to announce the latest addition to the Baron family… Udder Ubductees! You’ve probably herd of them, they’ve been regular moovers and shakers of your local pubs and beer barns, and are udder experts in their field! We’re super excited to have them on board… check out their very own page […]