About BvW Music

Who we are

Baron von Weasel Music is a small management team taking care of Melbourne bands.

It all started with magoo booking gigs at Vinyl Bar in Moonee Rock City. When that closed in 2015, magoo started managing Australian Kingswood Factory with the main objective to support major international touring bands. He nailed that with a really good run of supports including Richie Ramone, Nekromantix, Supersuckers and Red Fang.

In 2018 Baron von Weasel was formed and DevilMonkey and the Balls joined AKF on the roster, giving BvW good coverage of the punk, rock and alternative music scene!

If you want to book anyone on the BvW Music roster, shoot through an email or fb message. Or click their links on the BvW pages and check out their music and merch.

Our ethos

We would not be able to promote a band we didn’t respect and believe in 100%, so we will only ever represent bands with an excellent work ethic and attitude towards playing shows and professional behaviour before, during and after a gig. In addition, BvW Music will not tolerate sexism, racism or any other offensive behaviour or actions in the music scene or otherwise. We will not support bands or venues in any way if they are known to encourage or display these beliefs.


There are so many more aspects to music than just the noise. We work with a range of people to help keep the bands looking, sounding and smelling (ok that’s their problem) good, and we try to keep it local. Melbourne is a hot-bed of talent, but we want to give a particular shout out to this lot:

  • Matt Gleeson from 3 Chord Images has generously given permission for us to use his awesome photography. You rock!
  • Pascal D’Bras is an incredible illustrator/tattoo artist who worked with us on the Singing Bird Sessions and we were absolutely blown away by his work. Check him out and commission him to draw some stuff for you!
  • Andy Fernando from Singing Bird Studios is a total legend and we love him. End of.
  • Nina at Northside Merch makes all our pretty things for us!

Charitable giving

Baron von Weasel Music supports beyondblue, a charity dedicated to making anxiety, depression andsuicide part of everyday conversations. As well as tackling stigma, prejudice and discrimination, they work to break down the barriers that prevent people from speaking up and reaching out.

Kicking off with the $1k raised from the Singing Bird Sessions album release and launch show, Baron will be supporting beyondblue as much as possible on an ongoing basis. You can donate to our fundraising efforts here.